Rent Electric Scooter E-twow in Barcelona!

Move around in the smartest and most effective way!

From e-twow center Barcelona, ​​we want to offer you the possibility of being able to move around our beautiful city using a zero-polluting medium, easy to carry, with a great autonomy (more than 30Kms) and in compliance with the current existing traffic regulations.Do not worry if you are a heavy or large person (up to 120kg or 260lbs), thanks to the great power of its motor (700W) we can take you anywhere in Barcelona without problems.

• Maximum speed of the scooter 25km / h
• Circulate through bike lanes, roads limited at 30km/h or Street without differentiated wax:exclusive zone for pedestrians can circulate to a maximum of 10km/h
• Lock with the padlock the scooter, tied to a fixed element (lamppost, tree, etc), to avoid the scooter being stolen. It is advised not to leave it long without your attention.
• For the loss / theft of the scooter must pay the value of € 500
• Park the scooter in places that do not hinder the passage of pedestrians or other vehicles

• When crossing a pedestrian crossing do it walking and not on the scooter
• Not to use scooter in sidewalks,
• Signal the maneuvers when changing directions
• It is not allowed to take a second person, child or animal on the scooter
• While driving the scooter, you must not use any electronic device, including, but not limited to, telephones, text messaging devices, media players or other devices that may distract or prevent you from safely using the scooter.

Choose the option you prefer, rent for hours or days:

Rental price:

1 hour: 15€

2 hours: 25€

4 hours: 35€

Full Day Price:45€.

Discount: 10% from the second day


Helmet and accident insurance included.

Call us + 34 699 22 36 95 ( English Spoken)

If you prefer you can book On-Line from here